LEGO Bricktober Canada 2021 (Sort Of)

In a very surprising move, Toys ‘R’ Us Canada has just launched their own Bricktober promotions for this year…….with last year’s Bricktober sets.

It comes in a ziploc packaging which is markedly different from the gorgeous flip lid boxes from 2020.

It is available for every CAD$65 and the Bricktober Carousel is available from 30 Sept to 6th Oct. I would assume that the remaining Bricktober sets will follow after the redemption period for the Carousel ends.

While I’m glad that our fellow Canadian AFOLs are able to get their hands on this but I wonder why don’t they just follow the Bricktober promotion of the other Toys ‘R’ Us around the world.

Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to coordinate the production and marketing for a global roll out rather than repacking unredeemed sets from yesteryear? Who knows.

(Via The Brick Fan)

2 responses to “LEGO Bricktober Canada 2021 (Sort Of)”

  1. Emery says:

    It took Canadian Lego fans writing to TRU Canada for the past 3 years to say we wanted these Bricktober gwp promos back. And showed the company with our purchase habits, basically boycott their still running Bricktober without gwp. Buy elsewhere and voicing it to head office worked.

    Never should have lost the promos as TRU Canada was never at jeopardy of bankruptcy as it wasn’t part of US ownership.

    Better to be back then not at all.

  2. Boulet sandra says:

    It’s beautifull

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