LEGO Queer Eye – The Fab 5 Loft 10291 Designer Video

Fab 5 Loft 10291 Designer Video

LEGO has just published the LEGO Queer Eye – TheFab 5 Loft 10291 Designer Video where Vice President of Design, Matthew Ashton and Senior Graphic Designer Diego Sancho take us on a behind the brick look at LEGO’s latest apartment set.

I have to highlight that the video that LEGO uploaded is probably not the complete one as the clip ends rather abruptly at the end with Matthew just starting to explain a build technique. I’m sure that LEGO will upload the full version, hopefully soon (It’s been a few hours and counting)

Fab 5 Loft 10291 Designer Video

The minifigures are gorgeous with the exclusive torso and leg prints along with the some new hair moulds and colour variations.

Fab 5 Loft 10291 Designer Video

As most of you all already know, I’m not a big fan of “apartment” builds that have been the standard for sets based on sitcoms like Friends, Seinfeld and Big Bang Theory.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore the minifigures but I feel that one apartment build is not very much different from the next.

Do check out the designer video as Matthew does share some cool insights and working experience with the actual designer of the studio set and there are a handful of easter eggs peppered throughout.

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