LEGO Colours of the World 40615 Minifigure Parts Pack First Look!

LEGO fans have been clamouring for a more diverse selection of minifigure heads and elements to customise a minifigure closer to their likeness and LEGO has finally answered your pleas.

The LEGO Group has just announced for the first time ever, a LEGO Minifigure parts pack with a total of twenty four distinct skin-tones for you to configure to your hearts content.

The LEGO Colours of the World (40615) minifigure parts pack will contain ten minifigure heads per colour which equals to a total of 240 head pieces with accompanying hands and arms of the same skin-tone.

Accurate flesh tone heads pieces and hands have traditionally be exclusive to licensed sets which can be quite costly if you’re just looking for one or two heads to represent oneself or a friend so this pack is definitely welcome.

Each pack will have a recommended retail price of USD7.99 / €7.99 / SGD12.90 and will be available on the 1st of April 2022 at all LEGO Brand and Certified Stores around the world.

Even though these come without torsos and leg assemblies, I can imagine that these would sell out quite quickly given the price point. Good hunting everyone!

13 responses to “LEGO Colours of the World 40615 Minifigure Parts Pack First Look!”

  1. Richard Rodger says:

    April Fool

  2. Fred B says:

    April 1st, eh

  3. April O'Neal says:

    April 1st, huh?… lol

  4. David Bass says:

    This is a really terrible April fools joke.

    I would love to have something like this and to make diversity a joke is terrible.

  5. Grace Stemp-Morlock says:

    If this is a joke, which I suspect it is, it’s not funny; it’s offensive. Mocking Lego’s attempts to be more diverse isn’t funny; it’s bigotry.

    Do better.


  6. SS_from_S says:

    I became obvious at the price tag – there is no way Lego would take less than €30+ for that.

  7. paco says:

    I would actually love this to be real (and at that price point I would get several of them). Hope it’s not a dumb April’s Fool.

    • Brickfinder says:

      It is a proof of concept and if enough people actually want one of these, I don’t see why LEGO wouldn’t produce one.

      • snowlaina says:

        It’s a proof of concept? Using Crayola packaging and box art from a product they actually make, I know because I own it.
        It’s a dumb April Fools joke, and in pretty poor taste if you ask me. We need more representation of diversity in the Lego community, and if this were real it would be an amazing step forward.

  8. LR says:

    The product code should have been “10422” for 1st April 22

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  10. T says:

    A nice idea – Lego should take this up

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