LEGO Star Wars Lars Family Homestead Kitchen 40531 GWP Spotted!

With the May the 4th Star Wars celebration fast approaching as well as the LEGO Star Wars UCS reveal, we turn our attention to the gift with purchases that are to commemorate Star Wars day.

Which brings us to the LEGO Star Wars Lars Family Homestead Kitchen 40531 gift with purchase that is slated to be one of the gift with purchase promotions for May the 4th.

Granted that it is an odd choice for a LEGO set (honestly if this came out on April 1st, everyone would have thought it was a joke), it does have a Beru Lars minifigure along with a vignette of her kitchen.

It contains only 195pcs and has a redemption amount of USD$160 and should be available on May 1st. Do note that most May the 4th promotions periods are rather short so plan your purchases if you’re looking to get this.

As I mentioned before that this is an odd choice for a GWP considering that we don’t get to actually see Aunt Beru’s kitchenette in the theatrical release of A New Hope but only in the deleted scenes.

If LEGO is gleaning Gift with Purchase ideas from the deleted scenes of the original trilogy, might I suggest maybe making a vignette of Tosche Station? That way we can actually get official minifigures of Biggs Darklighter, Loneozner and Camie.

And it would have tied in with the Book of Boba Fett to boot. Felt like a missed opportunity here.

(Via LunarBricks ( Instagram / YouTube )

2 responses to “LEGO Star Wars Lars Family Homestead Kitchen 40531 GWP Spotted!”

  1. Phil Mahoney says:

    The kitchen is absolutely in the film, not just the deleted scenes. Also it’s Fixer Loneozner. And I agree, I’d love a set of that scene. Fixer + Camie 4eva.

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