LEGO Ideas First 2022 Review Results Announced!

The LEGO Ideas blog revealed the results for the First 2022 Review stage earlier this morning and we have a total of not one or two but FOUR entries that will be made into actual LEGO sets!

While there are quite a handful that were favourites I’m just glad that the Polaroid made it through as an amateur photographer, that was the project that I was rooting for.

LEGO INSECTS by Fan Designer José María (aka hachiroku24)

This feels like a spiritual continuation of the initial LEGO Ideas 21301. Back in the day when LEGO Ideas released smaller sets and were affordable, there was a set that focused on the different types of garden birds by Thomas Poulsom.


The Orient Express by  Thomas Lajon (aka LEt.sGO)

It has been a good two years since LEGO has released the Crocodile Locomotive and we’ve been patiently waiting for a follow up to LEGO’s Emerald Night locomotive for a lifetime already.

Hopefully they will do justice to this model and LEGO Train fans around the world.

Tales of the Space Age by Jan Woźnica (aka john_carter)

This is a true celebration of brick building techniques to create a miniature portraits for display. Not really something that I would buy but I do feel that there is a lot to learn from this.

Polaroid Onestep SX-70 by Marc (aka Minibrick Productions)

This LEGO SX-70 model is actually able to lower the based and eject the brick built polaroid so this is not just a static build.

I’m a big photography fan and I own the old SX-70 Model 1 so this is a real treat.

The sets should start arriving some time in the mid 2023 as we still have a couple more LEGO Ideas sets that have yet to be launched.

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