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More LEGO Batman Movie Sets Official Photos

More LEGO Batman Movie Sets

As most of you know, LEGO has just updated their database with photos of the upcoming sets for next year and we have discovered a couple more LEGO Batman Movie Sets Official Photos. The last two sets that haven’t been officially revealed yet were Scarecrow Special Delivery (70910) and The Penguin Arctic Roller (70911).

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LEGO Speed Champions Ford GT and Ford GT40 Announced

2016 Ford vs 1966 Ford GT (75881)

LEGO and Ford has just sent out a press release and we have the official word on one of the upcoming sets to the LEGO Speed Champions series in 2017! The set is LEGO is none other than the 1966 Ford GT40 VS 2016 Ford GT (75881) which was teased with a short animated movie that was released […]

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Even More LEGO Star Wars 2017 Official Set Photos

More LEGO Star Wars 2017 sets revealed

LEGO just updated their databases with these new set images for some of the yet unreleased LEGO Star Wars 2017 sets! On top of the sets that were posted earlier, there are three more to add to that list today. There is an A-Wing Starfighter (75175), Desert Skiff Escape (75174) and Luke’s Landspeeder (75153).

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Exclusive LEGO “50 Years On Track” Employee Gift 2016 Revealed

It is that time of year again, no I do not mean Christmas but when the LEGO Employee Gift 2016 are given out! This year’s theme is about trains which is why LEGO Employees around the world will be getting this exclusive LEGO “50 Years on Track” set as their stocking stuffer.

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The LEGO Batman Movie Foil Pack Discovered

The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure Foil Pack

It looks like on top of the massive LEGO Batman Movie rollout, we will also be getting a LEGO Batman Movie Foil Pack which will contain a Batman minifigure inside! These ‘foil packs’ are usually packaged with the LEGO themed magazines (like Star Wars or Nexo Knights) that are found in the United Kingdom and Europe. 

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Exclusive LEGO Certified Professional Christmas Elf Cafe Set

LEGO Certified Professional Christmas Elf Cafe ©Apple Daily

Hong Kong’s LEGO Certified Professional Andy Hung has just unveiled his very own LEGO set with this exclusive LEGO Christmas Elf Cafe. There are only 500 sets in existence and features a quaint little Christmas scene that resembles that brings back memories of the LEGO Creator Winter Cottage (10229) set.

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Lepin Now Copying AFOL Technics Designs

As some have already predicted, the lawsuit against Lepin has done little to slow down the company and now they have shifted their focus to copying AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) Technic designs. Recently an image of a new Lepin set was sent to my mailbox and I instantly recognised it as madoca1977‘s amazing LEGO Technic Avtoros Shaman 8×8 ATV. […]

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The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure Feel Guide

The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure Feel Guide

The official images to the LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure series were released to us earlier in the week and we all know about the price hike for this so I’ve done up a LEGO Batman Movie Minfigure Feel Guide to help those who are just looking for the ones that they want to collect.

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LEGO Jiaxing Factory Set First Look

LEGO Jiaxing Factory (4000023) Set

The LEGO Group has just officially opened their newest production factory in the city of Jiaxing, China and the LEGO Jiaxing Factory 2016 (4000023) Set was on hand to be given out to the attendees. The really interesting thing about the set you see here is actually from the first batch of sets that the factory has ever […]

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New LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure Found!

New LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure

Amazon USA has just rolled out the pre-orders for the Scholastic book tie-ins and one of them contains a new LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure that we have not seen before. The minifigure is labelled as “Tar Tan” Batman who comes with a dark brown cape and a sword.

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