Dine In At The Riverside Seafood Restaurant

Riverside Seafood Restaurant By Anton Budiono

Riverside Seafood Restaurant By Anton Budiono

Indonesian MOCer Anton Budiono‘s LEGO Riverside Seafood Restaurant is an immaculate tribute to the Asian-style ‘floating’ restaurants of old.

The aspect of this build that initially struck me was the brilliant use of the LEGO elements to create the texture and feel of the façade.


lego-red-bar-1-x-3-phone-6190-30-161078-81 new-lego-20x-green-window-1x2x3-shutter-with

Take for example the main double doors which uses the red telephone handles as horizontal bars and the green window 1x2x3 Shutter with hinges and handles for the first floor roof slats. 

CT-Top CT-SeafoodBalcony

He also ventures to use technic ball joints and beams which creates a unique look for the vertical columns along the walls.


But what I’m really most impressed with is the brick-built lobster that adorns one side of the restaurant. I really love the combination of the mechanical arm element with the gold teeth elements to create the pincers and the red minifigure flippers as the tail fins!

A truly masterful creation packed with a tonne of details that would keep any builder enthralled for hours. Keep it up Anton! Can’t wait to see your next build!

Check out more of his stuff here.

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