LEGO Architecture Guggenheim Museum First Look

LEGO Architecture Guggenheim Museum (21035)

LEGO Architecture Guggenheim Museum (21035)

LEGO Brand Catalogues for the different countries are starting to come online and thanks to the Italian LEGO Brand Catalogue, we now have the first image to the LEGO Architecture Guggenheim Museum (21035) set!

This looks significantly bigger than the previous iteration of the infamous Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum that was released in 2009. To my knowledge, this would be the second time that LEGO Architecture would be redesigning a set that has already been released as the first was the Burj Khalifa (21008).

It will be available in April according to the catalogue and there are no pricing information as of now but from the looks of it, it does seem to be the same length as the Buckingham Palace (21029) set.

The catalogue does also feature the next three LEGO Architecture skylines; Sydney, London and Chicago; that are available in January 2017 (like right now).

LEGO Architecture

It is really nice to see them use the new quarter tile for the corners of the sidewalks for the museum and it does look like a good source of 1×1 tan tiles from the image.

(Thanks to ItLUG and Promobricks for the heads up!)

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