This LEGO Alien Xenomorph Bust is Pure Nightmare Fuel

ALIEN Xenomorph Preview

The Alien Xenomorph is one of the most iconic movie monsters of our modern generation and it has inspired a slew of LEGO builders around the world.

There have been a lot of Xenomorph MOC builds over the years and the most notable one is by The Arvo Brothers but when I came across Blair Archer‘s Alien bust, I knew that the bar has definitely been raised.

1979 ALIEN Xenomorph Preview

He opted for a transparent carapace instead of an opaque one which gives us a full view of the xenomorph’s skull. It looks like he used the canopy piece from the LEGO Star Wars UCS Slave-1 (75060) which should already give you the scale of this beast.


The canopy element (SHELL 16X8X5 W. BOW/CIRCLE) is only available in the UCS Slave-1 (75060) set.

Blair manage to retain H.R. Giger’s original design for the xenomorph by utilising a variety of LEGO hoses and tentacle pieces. The xenomorph tail is also a combination of Hero Factory and Bionicle parts strung together.

LEGO Alien Xenomorph Bust

I would definitely love to see a full bodied version of this xenomorph fleshed out in this style. Keep up the great work Blair!

One response to “This LEGO Alien Xenomorph Bust is Pure Nightmare Fuel”

  1. Blair Archer says:

    The canopy piece was what started it all, when it was first unveiled at BrickCon 2014. I immediately said to myself ‘I gotta build the ALIEN’ I had no idea just what I was in for….

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