Exclusive LEGOLAND® Malaysia Promotional Duplo Bricks

Exclusive LEGOLAND® Malaysia Promotional Duplo Bricks

Every LEGOLAND® around the world produces seasonal exclusive promotional Duplo bricks which are distributed throughout the year on special occasions like Star Wars Day or Chinese New Year.

However, there are a bunch of these Duplo collectibles that not many AFOLs know about which are the non-seasonal promotional bricks.

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Here is a quick guide to the promotional bricks that are available throughout the year (while stocks last) but only obtainable through very special circumstances.

LEGOLAND® Malaysia VIP Tour

LEGOLAND Malaysia VIP Tour Duplo Brick

This classy Duplo brick is only available once you complete the LEGOLAND Malaysia VIP Tour. This is a special tour which you would have to book three days in advance and it comes at a higher price point, RM811 (SGD$260) for an adult and RM705 (SGD$226) for a child.

You basically get the grand tour of the park with an exclusive behind the scenes look at the model factory amongst other perks. This exclusive Duplo brick is only given to you at the end of the tour.

Birthday Surprise

LEGOLAND Malaysia Duplo Brick Birthday Boy

If your child’s birthday falls on the same day of your visit to LEGOLAND Malaysia, head over to guest services and let them know.

Birthday Girl

If you celebrate their birthday at LEGOLAND Malaysia, guest services should have an exclusive “Happy Birthday” promotional Duplo brick for your child, a yellow one for the boys and the pink one for the girls.

Thank You

LEGOLAND Malaysia Duplo Brick Thank You

This one is a little trickier to obtain as this is usually given out when LEGOLAND Malaysia conducts surveys or some form of market research.

The surveys usually occur on a random basis so the next time you’re approached by a LEGOLAND Malaysia staffer to complete a survey, say “YES”, complete the survey and collect your Duplo brick.

All of these promotional bricks are while stocks lasts so there might be a chance that these will run out so keep them in mind the next time you’re up in LEGOLAND Malaysia for a special occasion.

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