Beautify Your Home With LEGO Under A Glass Dome

LEGO in Glass Domes
Recently, I’ve been encountering a quite a handful of MOCs that have been built to fit within the confines of a glass dome. The most famous one to date would still be Bangoo’s LEGO Laputa’s Castle.

LEGO Laputa Castle by Bangsoo

And Ikea has always been the go-to place for AFOLs when they want to display their LEGO wares, be it LEGO minifigures in Ribba frames or LEGO Architecture skyline builds in Kasseby display boxes.


The latest trend that seems to be taking off surrounds Ikea’s HÄRLIGA Glass dome where builders are crafting beautiful vignettes to fit the 14cm diameter wooden base.

Micro Scale Castle in Glass Dome

Micro Scale Castle in Glass Dome by Peter Ilmrud

Micro Scale Castle in Glass DomeMicro Scale Castle in Glass Dome

That space is just right for a build that is about 16 studs in diameter (12.4cm) and the glass dome comes in two sizes, 20cm and 27cm tall so you can find a height that suits your build.

lego mirco castle in a galss dome

LEGO Micro Castle in a Glass Dome by Yang Wang

Domes are a great way to display your MOCs as it is small enough to fit on your mantle or side table. Especially in our space constrained environments in Singapore, this is a truly novel way to showcase your creations.

The Rose by Alex Malm

The Rose by Alex Malm

Plus, it totally keeps the dust out too so no need to worry about dusting every few weeks.

LEGO Town in a Glass Dome by Yang Wang

LEGO Town in a Glass Dome by Yang Wang

The HÄRLIGA Glass domes are currently available at Ikea online store and should also be in the physical one but I would recommend that calling ahead first if you are inclined to get some as they are quite popular.

Can’t wait to see what other ingenious builds can be paired with these glass domes.

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