LEGO Batman Movie Series 2 Minifigure Feel Guide!

LEGO Batman Movie Series 2 minifigure feel guideHere is the latest ‘feel guide’ for the upcoming LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure Series 2 which I’ve just compiled.

I’ve also expanded a bit more on the tips in the individual character images below for those who are accessing this on your mobile device.

Disco Harley

Harley’s ponytail hairpiece is the same from series one. Her “tu-tu” skirt should feel flat with ridges around the edge. Plus, she has a pair of roller skates too.


Vacation Joker

The inflatable duck ring will be the most identifiable factor. It should feel round with the duck head sticking out at one end. Also look for the popsicle and camera and if you need further confirmation, Joker’s hairpiece is full of ridges to feel.

Vacation Robin

The boombox will feel like a 1×3 brick in the packet. The other items to look out for will be the ice cream cone. Robin’s hair piece will have a few ridges with the eye glasses to feel for that if you are unsure.

Soccer Mom Batgirl

Her hoodie is the most distinct feature which should feel smooth with two pointy bumps on top. She also has two 1×2 tiles and a utility belt to confirm her identity.

General Zod

He is a bit tricky as he only has a 2×2 tile as an accessory and his hairpiece to define him. Zayna also has a 2×2 tile in addition to a 2×2 round tile so be careful not to mix these two up.

Black Vulcan

He has two unique yellow lightning bolt accessories which should feel flat to the touch. Doctor Phosphorus also has two trans green Dragon Flame accessories that feel similar so be careful. Vulcan also has a helmet that is similar to the Flash’s helmet.

Black Canary

Feel for her microphone stand which consist of a black 3L bar, clip, microphone and a 2×2 round dish. She is also the only one with this unique hairpiece in this series.

Doctor Phosphorus

He has two trans green ’dragons fire’ as accessories and he also does not have a hair piece. So if you find a packet without a hair piece or helmet and a couple of dragon’s fire, it is him.

Mermaid Batman

He is the only character with a mermaid tail which should feel a bit bulky in the packet. The trident would be the confirming factor and Batman’s cowl should seal the deal.

Disco Alfred

Alfred has the “balding” hairpiece which should feel smooth and round but be careful as there are two Alfreds in this series. The guitar accessory and the bow-tie will confirm that it is Disco Alfred. He also seems to have a foldable ‘tuxedo tails’ accessory as well.

Zan (Wonder Twins)

His unique accessory is the bucket. The handle is detachable so it should feel like a ‘staple’ through the packet. There is also a 1×1 round tile that you can feel for as well. The hair accessory has elf ears if you are looking to confirm.

Jayna (Wonder Twins)

She has a 2×2 tile as well as a 2×2 round tile as accessories which is easily distinguishable. Her hairpiece is should feel bumpy with the ‘elf’ ears on the side.

Vacation Alfred

The chalice and the cherry accessory are what differentiates Vacation Alfred from Disco Alfred. They both have the same ‘balding’ hairpiece so do take note with this one.

Killer Moth

He has a quite a few accessories like the wings which feels like the fairy wings from CMF 17. He also has a helmet with two antennas which is the same for the Bee mascot from CMF 10.

Swimming Pool Batman (With Dolphin)

The dolphin accessory should be the dead giveaway and be easy to spot as the packet will looks rather bulky. The rescue bouy is another accessory to look for.

Clock King

He is the only character without a head piece. He has a flat clock face for a head which is similar to that of the Gingerbread man from Series 11. The two spears will confirm him for you.


He is the only one who has a slope brick for legs which is easily identifiable in the packet. He also has an armour piece with a 1×1 round tile that is unique to him. Look for the crystal if you need further confirmation.

Apache Chief

He is the only character with a 1×3 tile which will feel longer through the packet. His hairpece is also very similar to the one used for the hippie character from CMF 7.

Vacation Batgirl

Feel for the surfboard which is only available with this character. Her utility belt and cowl will further confirm that this is her.

Hugo Strange

There is one other character without a hairpiece so look for the beard accessory. The dual Erlenmeyer flask will help identify this character.


I apologise in advance for any spelling and/or grammatical errors! Hope you all find this useful and do help those who are looking for that particular minifigure if you have already found one.

Keep on bricking!

(Additional Photos by Jays Brick Blog, Firestar Toys)

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