Latest Overwatch Busan Map Recreated In LEGO!


Blizzard Entertainment Overwatch is blasting into the AFOL consciousness with a series of new LEGO sets as well as this sprawling LEGO diorama of the newly revealed Busan map.

While we are still waiting for more information on the LEGO sets, feast your eyes on this detailed LEGO re-creation of Overwatch’s newly announced Busan map!

LEGO Overwatch Busan Map

LEGO Overwatch Busan Map 02

The LEGO diorama showcases traditional aspect of the map with minifigure scale traditional temples with arch roofs and drums.

LEGO Overwatch Busan Map 03

LEGO Overwatch Busan Map 04

This is actually only one half of the in-game map as there is also an urban landscape portion which would most probably get the LEGO treatment later.

LEGO Overwatch Busan Map 05

LEGO Overwatch Busan Map 06

With the teaser trailer for the LEGO Overwatch minifigures, this would be the perfect playground for any fan to enjoy a quick assault or capture the flag games, LEGO style.

LEGO Overwatch Busan Map 07

LEGO Overwatch Busan Map 08

Today is actually the second and last day of the Overwatch Fan Festival so we are waiting on bated breath for more news on the upcoming LEGO Overwatch wave!

(thanks to Promobricks for the back up images!)

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