LEGO Star Wars Master Builder Series Clarification


There was some confusion when the LEGO Star Wars Betrayal at Cloud City (75222) was announced under the new label of “Master Builder Series”.

As we are all familiar with the Ultimate Collectors Series (UCS) we now have a new classification in the form of MBS (Master Builder Series).

Betrayal at Cloud City™ (75222)

This was created to differentiate the large scale playsets and the ones that are purely for display (ie. UCS) so essentially, the LEGO Death Star or LEGO Star Wars Assault on Hoth would fall under this new category.

Here is the full explanation:

The Master Builder Series models are large playsets and beside being complex builds they are characterized by having many play features and functions, interior details as well as a range of minifigures. Ultimate Collectors series will remain highly detailed display models providing complex builds with a focus on authenticity and both Ultimate Collectors Series and Master Builder Series will continue as a way to highlight the unique characteristic of each style of model.

Now that LEGO has cleared up the air, do you agree that we should have a new classification?

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