Return of the King: The Lepin Saga Continues

lepin-and-king-bricksEarlier this year, it was announced by LEGO that they won a landmark copyright lawsuit against Lepin, the clone bricks company based in China.

It was then later reported that Lepin was prepared for that verdict and already began changing their name to “Nuogao” to avoid any legal entanglements.



Not much was heard from that new brand but now there is a new contender that is filling up the void left by the Lepin closures.

King Bricks has taken over as the frontrunner clone that openly copies the popular LEGO D2C sets like Cafe Corner, Parisian Restaurant, Helicarrier, The Sea Cow and even the Super Star Destroyer.





They do have a couple of caveats to skirt around the legalities that lost Lepin the lawsuit which was the infringement of the box art. They are still using the same image as LEGO just that they have slapped on a line art filter and decolourised the image entirely.


Even the websites that sell clone brick sets have updated their listings to reflect “King Bricks”.lepin-king-website

While the court ruling against Lepin was a monumental one, it is still a never ending battle when it comes to copyright infringement especially in China.

Will LEGO start going after King Bricks now that Lepin has shut down? They are one of the many clone bricks company that have popped up recently and it definitely won’t be the last.

(Additional images via customised minifigure intelligence)

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