Will We Be Getting LEGO Super Mario Brothers Soon?


The official announcement of the LEGO Minions Rise of Gru sets has lead to some speculation as to what else might turn up in the future.

We here at Brickfinder have heard from a reliable source that here is a possibility that Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. will be inducted into the stable of intellectual properties that LEGO has the license for.


The latest Minions: Rise of Gru movie is due out later this year and it is being produced by Illumination, the 3D animation production company that is owned by Universal Pictures.

There is actually a Super Mario Bros. animated movie in development at Illumination Entertainment  which will be written by Shigeru Miyamoto, the original creator of our favourite plumbers for release in 2022.


It is also good to note that Universal Studios Japan and Orlando are building a Super Mario World portion in their theme parks with the one in Japan due to open this year later in the spring.


This by no means confirms anything as this is purely a rumour but it would be really interesting to finally have some LEGO Super Mario Bros minifigures running around a brick built Mushroom Kingdom.

Would you be interested in a LEGO Super Mario World?

2 responses to “Will We Be Getting LEGO Super Mario Brothers Soon?”

  1. Carol Williams says:

    Yes definitatly

  2. Arvin Goodarzi says:


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