Bricklink Announces LEGO Ask Me Anything!

The LEGO Group announced late last year that they were acquiring the online brick marketplace Bricklink and the response from the AFOL community was just downright dismissive.

In a bid to mitigate some of the tension, Bricklink is hosting an “Ask Me Anything” session with LEGO Chief Marketing Officer, Julia Goldin starting today (28th January 2020) and will end on the 31st January.

Bricklink members and essentially every AFOL, will be able to ask all their burning questions with regards to LEGO taking over what was a community based brick exchange.

I’ve already posted some questions like “what are LEGO’s long term plans for Bricklink?” and “What is the point of acquiring Bricklink when it will essentially drive the community to start another one?” which is already happening.

You can head over here to post your inquiries. I would urge everyone who uses the platform to pose your questions and even if they are not answered, it is at least a record of what the community really feels.

I do applaud LEGO and Bricklink for starting this initiative as it was a huge surprise for most of the community. Ask away everyone!

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