Review: BAM Exclusive Minifigures Q2

The Build-A-Minifigure (BAM) station has seen a few seasonal exclusive figures since the middle of last year with the halloween themed minifigure and recently the pink elephant minifigure.

This quarter’s refresh of the BAM station sees three exclusive minifigures that you can cobble together with the available parts. There is the Chocolate Bunny, the Flower Kid and the Butterfly Girl which are variants of existing minifigures.

Chocolate Bunny


The original bunny minifigure from series 7 was one of the most sought after collectible minifigures of that collection. There have been numerous variations on that and the Chocolate bunny is the 5th/6th iteration.


The torso print looks to be unique and the colourful waves stretches all the way to the back too. He carries an 1×2 printed chocolate bar accessory tile.


Another unique bit is that his head piece is white with blushed cheeks and painted whiskers. I don’t recall encountering another headpiece with the same print before.


Flower Kid/Child


The Flower Child has a lovely flower hairpiece with azure blue petals. You may recall the Flower Pot Girl from LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 18 which has a similar element albeit in a different colour.


They both share essentially the same beanstalk torso design, just that one has a slightly lighter shade than the other.


LEGO Teddy Bear collectors take note: The sand blue teddy bear is introduced in this season’s BAM update but it is also available in the LEGO Fairgounds Minifigure Pack (40373).

Butterfly Girl


The Butterfly Girl is, to me, the cutest of the three exclusive BAM minifigures. She has an antenna hairpiece which is a recolour of the Bumblebee hairpiece from the Collectible Minifigure Series 10.


Her torso is unique and I’m sure it will surface as LEGO city minifigures eventually.


Her closest relative would probably be the Fairy Girl from the Collectible Minifigure Series 17 who share the same pair of wings. She also sports a butterfly ‘tattoo’ on her left cheek while her CMF counterpart has one of a blue flower.


I’m actually liking what LEGO is doing with the Build-A-Minifigure stations as this adds a bit of collectibility to those random torsos and leg assemblies.

However, this has lead to a huge uptake in army building which have seen these BAM stations devoid of the parts you need to construct these exclusives. My advice would be to try and get there during restocking day to avoid any disappointment.

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