LEGO Brand Stores Are Now Closed

LEGO has just announced that they will be closing all LEGO Brand Stores around the world due to the outbreak of Covid-19 world wide. They plan to reopen on after the 27th of March this includes the Shop@home online store as well. However, the Shop@Home online store is very well still in operation so order away!

Some LEGO Certified Stores in Asia will remain open for the time being as those are managed by the local business unit and will follow their respective country’s health advisement on the situation.

LEGO Brand Store in Meadowhall (©Stacey Martin)

Do check with your local LEGO Brand or Certified Store for their updated operating hours (or closures) in your respective countries. Stay safe and wash your hands!

These days of uncertainty it’s important and stay safe. Yesterday, we closed all of our owned and operated LEGO® Brand Retail Stores with the exception of China up to and including March 27. Thousands of people visit our stores each day, and despite all the precautions we had taken to remain open we could no longer guarantee a safe environment for colleagues and costumers.

The online shop at is still open and we continue to work hard to meet costumers requests and wishes. We are seeing shoppers are buying LEGO sets to help them through these tough times. And at the same time, we will navigate with attention to everyone’s health and wellbeing.  

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