LEGO® Technic™ Dom’s Dodge Charger (42111) Revealed!

This year marks the first time that Universal has collaborated with LEGO, first with the upcoming LEGO Minions line (which has been delayed) and now with the Fast & Furious franchise!

Dominic Torreto’s Dodge Charger from the very first movie is given the LEGO treatment in the form of a LEGO Technic build. It will consist of 1,077pcs and is modelled at a 1:13 scale.

It is a pretty faithful rendition of the 1970 Dodge Charger R/T and it’s V8 engine with moving pistons. It also sports a forked suspension with working steering wheel and blower.

The model measures 39 cm long, 16 cm wide and 11 cm high and will have a recommended retail price of SGD$179.90 / USD$99.90 / € 99.99.

According to, the LEGO Technic Dom’s Dodge Charger (42111) set will be available May 1st.


Give fans of Fast & Furious the ultimate kick with this LEGO Technic Dom’s Dodge Charger (42111) building set for children and adults. Based on the iconic 1970s Dodge Charger R / T, this model is packed with authentic details. Under the opening hood is a model version of the famous V8 engine. Other cool parts include the moving pistons, the forked suspension, the steering and the blower.

There are even bottles of nitro in the trunk, to make Dom’s daring pursuits even more realistic. Just like in real life! Fans aged 10 and over will love to build their own replica model of Dominic Toretto’s famed car – after building the Dodge Charger, the fun really starts when fans re-enact classic scenes from ‘The Fast and the Furious’ and the street racing world come alive with adrenaline.

Cool construction toys for creative play fun. The LEGO Technic universe is an advanced construction toy for LEGO fans ready for a new construction challenge.

  • Inspire fans to reenact their favorite scenes from the Fast & Furious movies with this fantastic LEGO Technic Dom’s Dodge Charger (42111), a cool replica of the classic muscle car.
  • With no less than 1077 parts, this great building set is a fun challenge for children and fans who love toy model cars. This beautiful replica is inspired by the original Dodge Charger R / T from the 1970s and is packed with realistic details.
  • Thanks to the authentic parts such as the moving pistons, the suspension, the steering and the blower, fans can simulate the thrill of driving the real car. After playing, they can drop the model as an eye-catcher in the famous rear wheel position.
  • Looking for a fun holiday gift for kids over 10 or adults who love cars? This is an excellent choice. Fans can build the model version of Dom’s car and admire all the cool features as they replay movie scenes from Fast & Furious.
  • Dimensions: approx. 39 cm long, 16 cm wide and 11 cm high – the ideal size for lightning fast racing adventures. Put the model car in the rear wheel position to create a striking eye-catcher.


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