Does LEGO VIDIYO Forecast The Future Of Minifigure Packaging?

As many of you have already been inundated with the marketing blitz for LEGO’s collaboration with Universal Music, which is basically a kid friendly version of Tik Tok.

One of the more interesting aspects of the theme would definitely be the cacophony of bizarre minifigure characters that are being released under their “Bandmates” label.

There are a total of twelve characters to collect in this wave which technically makes this a collectible minifigure series (CMF) but the truly remarkable detail about it is that it comes in a solid cardboard box instead of the usual soft plastic wrapper we’ve been accustomed to.

LEGO has always been promoting sustainability throughout their entire production process and one of the aspects that they have grappled with was the reliance on single use plastics, ie. Collectible Minifigure Packaging.

We have had round table discussions with LEGO on the topic of sustainability and one of the ways was to transition the packaging for polybags and minifigures to paper. It has already been introduced with the numbered bags for selected sets.

Source: Bricklink

Switching out to a solid cardboard box would decrease our reliance on plastic and cardboard is recyclable so it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch that LEGO would adopt this new form of packaging for future collectible minifigure series.

Source: Unknown (or if you know who the source is drop a message in the comment section)

As you can see from the LEGO VIDIYO Bandmates box above, each row contains twelve boxes which should yield a full set each. It’s physical volume does not seem too far off from what is currently available for CMF series 21 too.

This is completely speculation on my part and I don’t have a magic crystal ball to predict LEGO’s future releases so take this with a bucket of salted caramel ice cream.

But if this does actually happen, I do believe we are pressed for another way to identify what are in those blind boxes when the next series launches.

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