LEGO Celebrates Ole Kirk Kristiansen’s 130th Birthday Anniversary

It is the 130th birthday anniversary of Ole Kirk Kristiansen, the founder of LEGO and also the man who is responsible for our lean wallets.

LEGO actually started with wooden toys for kids but he saw a different future for the industry when the first plastic moulding machine was introduced and the rest is well, history.

Ole Kirk Christiansen (center)

Ole Kirk Kristiansen was the one who coined the motto “Det Bedste Er Ikke For Gogt” which has traditionally been translated to be “Only the best is good enough”.

LEGO Inside Tour: Day One

Now here is the interesting bit, in actual fact the Danish meaning of that phrase is a lot closer to “Not even the best is good enough” which suggest an eternal struggle for perfection.

It was that level of excellence that Ole Kirk constantly strived for which is why we have the LEGO sets to enjoy even till this day.

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