LEGO Ideas 2HY Set Rumours!

There are two more LEGO Ideas set left for release this year and there are a couple of ‘rumour’s floating around the interwebs that deserve a closer look.

brick_clicker on Instagram is reporting that there the LEGO Ideas Home Alone McCallister’s House (21330) will have an recommended retail price of USD$250 and contain five minifigures.

LEGO Ideas 2HY Set Rumours

It was previously reported that it would cost less but that did not concur with what I had gathered as the Home Alone house was supposed to be a ‘large’ build. The set is rumoured to have a November 2021 release.

The five minifigures should include Kevin McCallister, Marv, Harry and possibly Kate and Peter McCallister. Or could we actually get an Old Man Marley minifigure?

LEGO Ideas 2HY Set Rumours

The other bit of rumourmongering pertains to the LEGO Ideas Black Stratocast (21329)  that will this released in September.

It is pegged with a USD$100 price tag which would still yield a decent model based on the amount.

Personally I’m a little relieved that they did not go with the USD$100 route for the McCallister home as it would have just meant a facade build with little interactivity.

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