LEGO Mini Disney Castle 40478 Officially Revealed!

LEGO confirmed the existence of the LEGO Mini Disney Castle 40478 when it updated it’s instruction database a week ago and now LEGO Mexico has given us our very first look at the set!

From the box art, we can also confirm that this lovely micro-scale rendition of Cinderella’s Castle is to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World resorts.

The set also includes an exclusive Mickey Mouse minifugre which has a different torso print from the minifigure that is included in the LEGO Disney Castle (71040).

There doesn’t seem to be any opportunity for adhesives save for the 2×3 shield tile for the clock face above the entrance. Hopefully they will make it a print instead of a sticker.

The caption for the instagram post translates to:

Bring all the Disneyland fantasy to your home with the next LEGO® launch. Very soon in our #LEGOStoresMx it will be available and you can’t miss it.”

Which would indicate that the LEGO Mini Disney Castle 40478 would most likely be released in next month since Disney World resort first opened it’s doors on October 1st 1971.

There is still no price attached to it yet but I’ll update this post once I get that information. Good hunting everyone!

3 responses to “LEGO Mini Disney Castle 40478 Officially Revealed!”

  1. Monica says:

    Love it!!

  2. Adam Edwards says:

    How much is this set?

  3. Misty says:

    Love ❤️ this

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