New LEGO Games Sets On The Horizon?

There has been quite a bit of chatter on the interwebs with regards to LEGO launching a new label that focuses on all things LEGO gaming related which is rumoured to include some actual LEGO sets.

It is reported that LEGO intends to consolidate all their “gaming” related properties under one big umbrella which has been rebranded with the logo you see below.

This move is probably to facilitate the growing number of gaming related LEGO properties like the Bits ‘n’ Bricks podcasts as well as their repertoire of LEGO games past, present and future along with any sets that could come out of that arena.

Which brings us to the often rumoured LEGO Overwatch Null Sector Titan (76980) that is coming out on November. This set could very well be the first set released under this new label. It is pegged at 901 pcs and will have an RRP of 79.99€.

Other gaming properties have the potential to be parked under this new theme as it would mean that LEGO would not need to create more thematic lines to cater to the different IPs (ie. LEGO Zelda or LEGO Sonic The Hedgehog).

Either way, as an Overwatch fan I’m just happy that they will continue to release more sets based on the game regardless of which theme they fall under.

(Via Stonewars)

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