LEGO Boutique Hotel 10297 Official Announcement!

The end of year is usually ushered with the announcement of a new addition to the modular building collection and next year will be 15th anniversary of LEGO launching the Cafe Corner (10182) in 2007.

And to mark this occasion, the LEGO Group is offering up another hotel albeit with an updated concept for the modern times.

The latest modular features a boutique hotel that is definitely a nod to the LEGO Cafe Corner (10182) which was in all intents and purposes, the first modular hotel except in name.

The LEGO Boutique Hotel (10297) consists of 3066pcs and is also a corner modular although the hotel footprint is slightly truncated to fit in an art gallery on the side.

There are a total of seven minifigures with a new hotel attendant uniform torso that I’m seeing for the first time in this set.

The boutique hotel has three full levels although it sacrifices some of its space for the art gallery and the al fresco bar above it.

However, this does give a new slanted facade for the hotel that is seldom seen as a modular aesthetic which makes it a fresh look.

The LEGO Boutique Hotel (10297) is slated for a January 1st 2022 launch with a recommended retail price of €199.99 / USD$199.99 / £179.99 / SGD299.90 / AUD$319.99 / RMB1899

There has been a handful of elements introduced since the last modular and the Boutique Hotel benefits from a lot of it. I love how they used the broken egg shells in pearl gold to form the trunk of the palm tree.

I’m actually quite liking this new direction for the modular series. There is a mediterranean feel to it yet is able to fit into the line up with out breaking the aesthetic.

You can check out the life style images below as well as the product trailer for a more real world look at the Boutique Hotel:


UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL 6th DECEMBER 09:00 EST (Enfield) / 14:00 GMT (London) / 15:00 CET (Billund) / 22:00 CST (Shanghai)   

The LEGO Group Celebrates 15 years of Modular Building with the new LEGO® Boutique Hotel Set

6th December 2021: Today, the LEGO Group reveals a luxurious new address with the LEGO® Boutique Hotel set (10297), the latest addition to the modular building collection.  Colourful and quirky, the new 3,066 piece LEGO Boutique Hotel is full of character and details that will have fans stepping back in time to a by-gone era.

In 2022, the LEGO modular building collection celebrates its 15th anniversary and the new set is the 17th LEGO set to be released, joining the LEGO Bookshop, LEGO Assembly Square and LEGO Police Station.  The LEGO Boutique Hotel is also full of Easter Eggs and references to the previous 15 years of modular building sets, many of which are revealed in the building instructions, meaning fans will have an exciting time discovering hidden gems while they build.

The set comes in five sections, including; The ground floor, featuring the lobby and an art gallery; The terrace, with art gallery reception and palm tree; The first floor, with hotel rooms;  The second floor, with a penthouse suite; The roof, with a decorative dome.

Each hotel room features distinct styles of furniture and requires varied building techniques, whilst the art gallery features several tributes to Cubist art. The set also features a unique angled shape, which requires some unusual LEGO geometry, providing a new modular building experience for collectors.

Anderson Grubb, LEGO Set Designer commented, “It was really exciting to be working on the LEGO Boutique Hotel and to have the opportunity to design this in celebration of 15 years of the collection. When we approach the design for a modular building we are conscious of the previous sets and therefore want to create something that is new, that really compliments the collection. I am really happy with the final design, the variety of intriguing building techniques and all the nods to the previous Modular buildings.”

The LEGO Boutique Hotel set is available from LEGO Stores and from 1st January, 2022 at the recommended retail price of €199.99 / $199.99 / £179.99.


Age – 18+

Model measures:

Height: 39cm

Width: 25cm

Depth: 25cm

3,066 pieces

Price: €199.99 / $199.99 / £179.99

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