LEGO Promotions For January 2022!

As I posted earlier about the cancellation of the LEGO Brand Store calendars, has finally unveiled the LEGO promotions that we will be encountering in the first month of 2022!

There are a couple of gift with purchases that start on the 10th of January 2022, one of which is the LEGO Year of the Tiger (40491) that incidentally is already fully redeemed in Singapore.

As I had mentioned in the previous post that I feel LEGO is streamlining their marketing by consolidating everything on so we would need to check in regularly to see what promotions are available.

There is an up and down side to this. The up being that they could launch a new promotion mid month. The downside is that we would have to constantly check the website for new promotions in case we missed any.

The January 2022 promotions should be available both in the physical stores as well as Shop@Home.

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