LEGO Vintage Taxi 40532 Sneak Peek!

There was a mention of another gift with purchase that would be a companion piece to the LEGO Creator Expert Boutique Hotel (10278) and just a couple of hours ago, we got our very first look at the LEGO Vintage Taxi (40532).

The GWP features what looks to be based on the classic Austin FX with the huge radiator grill in the front. It consists of 163 pieces and has a taxi driver minifigure.

The LEGO Vintage Taxi (40532) will be available in Singapore from the 1st to the 28th of February with a redemption amount of SGD275. There are other reports of this gift with purchase being made available in other regions as early as 28th of January with a redemption amount of USD200 / €200.

The amount seems a little odd as the RRP for the modular in Europe and the USA is 179.99 EU/199.99 US and if this is the actual price for redemption, they would need to top up a bit before being able to qualify for the GWP.

With all the current stock allocation issues, I would check with your local LEGO Brand/Certified Store on the availability of the LEGO Vintage Taxi (40532) before making your way down.

Press release from LEGO Singapore:

“Between 1 and 28 February, all LCS shoppers with a purchase of at least SGD275 worth of LEGO® products will receive an exclusive Gift with Purchase 40532 Taxi Modulaire.” ~ LEGO Singapore

One response to “LEGO Vintage Taxi 40532 Sneak Peek!”

  1. Ed says:

    Usually gwp threshold is down by one penny these days, as in $199.99, though the exact amount varies by gwp and whichever LEGO employee keys in the number for that promo.

    Which still sucks for people who buy, for example, 2 sets for $199.98.

    You’d expect this taxi to have a threshold of $85 to be consistent with the Vintage Car of the same size from a year ago.

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