LEGO Star Wars Helmets 2022 Officially Revealed!

The first month of 2022 is coming to a close and thanks to Amazon Poland, we have our very first look at the upcoming additions to the LEGO Star Wars Helmets theme.

The first helmet is Luke Skywalker’s Red Five that we saw in the first Death Star trench run. The next one belongs to none other than Din Djarin or better known as The Mandalorian.

Luke Skywalker Red Five 75327 – 675pcs

The Mandalorian 75328 – 584 pcs

There was actually a ‘prototype’ of Luke Skywalker’s helmet during the NASA Space Shuttle Designer Video which I pointed out early last year. Glad to finally see the end product.

There is still no word on when these sets will be made available nor their final prices although I would peg it to be approximately 49.99 – 59.99€ or SGD79.90 – SGD$99.90.

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