LEGO Transformers Optimus Prime 10302 First Details!

I’ve been sitting on this piece of news for a couple of months now and thanks to our friends over at Promobricks, I can share with you some of the details surrounding this very surprising collaboration with toy rival Hasbro.

The set is to feature Autobot leader Optimus Prime and is said to be a Ultimate Collector’s Edition styled set with a piece count of 1508pcs.

Custom LEGO Compatible Brick Optimus Prime

He is reportedly sporting his wingblade jetpack along with a weapon, either his sword of judgment or his energon battle axe.

This is most likely a tie-in with the latest Transformers movie that was supposed to be released in June this year but got pushed back to 2023 so I guess LEGO is going ahead with the launch regardless.

The design for Optimus Prime for the new movie follows more closely to the G1 iterations so we should see the classic Freightliner in all it’s LEGO glory.

LEGO Optimus Prime is also said to be able to transform from vehicular mode to robot without any disassembling. He will also come with a UCS style plaque like the Hulkbuster.

The set should be available in May 2022 and will have a recommended retail price of 169.99€

12 responses to “LEGO Transformers Optimus Prime 10302 First Details!”

  1. Yiannis Chasapis says:

    Can you send this to me for free?

  2. Chuck Letizia says:

    It’s either LEGO brand or a knock-off. You might want to edit your title before LEGO takes legal action

  3. Dadragonlord says:

    Me too!

  4. David Stephenson says:

    Can’t wait for it to come out!

  5. Josh says:

    Hopefully it’s better than Hasbro’s own attempts at Lego-style buildable Transformers, because the Kre-O sets were bad, and the Built to Rule sets were even worse.

  6. Josh W. says:

    To make sure people are not confused, the model picture in this post is not the official model. It is the Custom MOC Optimus Prime Transforming Building Bricks Toy Set, sold with instructions on I have purchased this model myself.

  7. Jessica Decepticon Harrington says:

    Why is it always that filthy autoscrap!? I understand it’s a cash grab but ffs.

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