LEGO Ideas Confirms Official LEGO BTS Set!

The LEGO Ideas Second 2021 review results has just been announced and we can now confirm that LEGO will officially be releasing a LEGO BTS set!

This is actually a first of many as it is the first time that K-pop band has been given the LEGO treatment, it is also the first LEGO Ideas project to be based on a music video.

The set is based on the record breaking music video “Dynamite” by BTS  which garnered 3 million views on it’s premiere.

The LEGO Ideas BTS project by  JBBrickFanatic is quite basic which on the upside, gives the LEGO designers a lot of room to play with.

And I’m looking forward to see how the designs of the minifigure heads will turn out.

Either way, this was a no brainer for LEGO to produce considering the huge fanbase around the globe. Hopefully this will pave the way for more music themed sets in the future.

No word on when this will be released by judging from previous announcements, this should be near the end of the year.

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