LEGO Thor Love and Thunder Attack on New Asgard 76207 Spotted in the Wild!

It seems like retailers around the world have been selling their LEGO products ahead of their street date as with what The Brick Wolf discovered while transiting in the Istanbul Airport.

A never before revealed LEGO Thor Love and Thunder Attack on New Asgard (76207) set has been discovered which has our intrepid heroes fending off an odd tentacled creature.

Minifigures included in this set are Thor, Mighty Thor and Gorr and the set is priced at 20€ which is a cheaper option to get the Mighty Thor and Gorr minifigures than buying the LEGO Thor Love and Thunder The Goat Boat (76208).

The release date should have been March 1st but I guess you should check your local LEGO stores and see if it has already available on the shelves.

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