LEGO 90th Anniversary Lion King’s Castle 10305 First Details!

A little while ago LEGO decided to crowdsource the theme for a special LEGO set to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the LEGO Group.

Thanks to our friends over at Promobricks, we can confirm that the LEGO Castle theme has been selected to usher in ninety years of our favourite plastic brick.

If you can recall, LEGO Bionicle was leading the pack with almost 12% of the votes but a lot of fans criticised that the poll was skewed as LEGO had divided LEGO Castle into multiple sub themes which split the fan vote.

And if you had added all the sub-themes up, it would have won by a huge margin which I’m grateful for LEGO taking that into account and giving us our very first LEGO Castle set in nine years (nope, I’m not counting that minifigure pack in 2016).

From what we gather, the set should be based on the King’s Castle of the Lion Knights from the 1980s, hopefully an massive update as it has also been priced at 349.99 €.

Just to give a bit of perspective, the LEGO Daily Bugle is only 299.99 € and it is a licensed set with a slew of minifigures.

Going by that comparison, I would expect the 90th Anniversary LEGO Castle to be sprawling and with a tonne of minifigures and animal figures.

While I’m really over the moon that we’ll finally be getting a proper LEGO Castle set (apart from the LEGO Ideas Medieval Forge (21325) and the LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Medival Castle), I’m a little bit bummed that it is priced at 349.99 € which would translate to at least SGD500 which is a high price point.

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