LEGO Lion Knights’ Castle 10305 Official Reveal!

The LEGO Lion Knights’ Castle (10305) has been teased for the last couple of months and now with LEGO Con 2022 having taken place, I can finally share the official reveal!

It is the largest LEGO Classic Castle set ever to be released by the LEGO Group as it clocks in at a whopping 4514 pieces!

It also has a bevy of Classic Castle minifigures which on final count, totals to twenty two minifigures (including one skeleton!)

The Lion Knights’ Castle is able to unfold into a facade display or compacted into a solid structure enclosed on all sides.

This amazing tribute to the classic castle theme will have a recommended retail price of USD$399.99 / £344.99 / €399.99 /549.99 AUD/449.99 CAD.

Honestly, I’m over the moon that LEGO decided to throw everything behind this 90th Anniversary set that pays tribute to one of the oldest theme in their repertoire.

The only thing I’m not too stoked about is the price point. It is $550 and that is quite a bit of a sum to pay for nostalgia. I’m familiar with the arguments as well, but I don’t subscribe to the price to piece ratio as it is not an accurate indicator of the value of a LEGO set.

End of the day, this is still a hefty chunk of your paycheque and I feel that the set could have been designed to a more affordable price point.

LEGO Lion Knights’ Castle (10305) will be available on August 3rd 2022 at all LEGO Brand and Certified Stores. 

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