New LEGO CMF Packaging Marks The End of An Era

It was only a matter of time that LEGO would switch to a more “sustainable” packaging for their Collectible Minifigure Series and we had a little taste of it with the LEGO Vidiyo Bandmates theme.

To be completely honest, I had expected that LEGO would eventually settle on a hard-pack style of packaging as it would be the most cost effective of the other solutions that were bandied about.

The closest solution to our current packaging would have been a paper version of the blind bag but to get it to a state in which it could withstand the prying fingers of someone trying to identify the character within would prove too costly to make durable.

There were a whole slew of concepts that the team ploughed through but all  would mean that “feeling” of the minifigures would be a thing of the past.

While it is unfortunate that we are now unable to feel the minifigures, lets hope that this sacrifice will be fully utilised by the LEGO Group to build a more sustainable future and not one that it just looks good on paper.

These changes will take effect with the new LEGO Super Mario Series 5 (71410) and should completely replace all minifigure packaging by 2023.

What do you guys think of the new CMF packaging? Anyone got a portable micron weighing machine?

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