LEGO Ray the Castaway 40566 Set First Look!

The Skaerbaek Fan Weekend is in full swing up in Skaerbaek Denmark and our friends over at Promobricks have chanced upon an actual copy of October’s planned gift with purchase!

This upcoming set is based on the winning entry by Daditwins for the LEGO Ideas Seaside Build contest from last year.

Ray the Castaway design by DadiTwins

I’m really quite glad that the designers managed to preserve the original model as much as they could as it is a lovely build.

The LEGO Ray The Castaway will consist of 239pcs and will stand at a height of 13.5cm and is 20cm wide. It will of course contain Ray The Castaway minifigure with a parrot, crab and two fish animal figures.

The rumoured redemption amount is USD120 and should be open to all LEGO products.

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