LEGO Star Wars UCS Plaques To Be Completely Printed

The LEGO Fan Media Days are well under way, an interesting bit of information has trickled out regarding the future of LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series plaques.

As most of you are well acquainted with these “information plaques” that accompany the models of the Ultimate Collectors Series and that a lot of LEGO fans (not just the Star Wars ones) have been campaigning to ditch the adhesive for a more permanent solution.

It has been confirmed by Brickset and Solid Bricks that we will be getting fully printed information plaques in the future.

They did not say when this will happen but I do believe that it is a step in the right direction as stickers don’t last very long especially in humid climates like South East Asia.

While I do say that it is a step in the right direction, I’m also saddled with reservation that it will be another opportunity for LEGO to justify the exorbitant price of these UCS sets yet again.

I’m still hoping that this would be something that they would just fold into the cost and not pass it down to the consumer as it would be a nice touch that the plaques beyond the LEGO Star Wars theme get the same treatment.

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