LEGO Ideas BTS Dynamite 21339 Official Announcement!

The LEGO Ideas BTS project submission by JBBrickFanatic was one of the fastest to garner 10,000 votes of approval and LEGO Ideas is finally ready to unveil the first ever K-pop LEGO set!

While the set itself is a little lean, it is still a nice crossover LEGO set that will introduce the world of K-pop to LEGO and vice versa.

The LEGO BTS set is based on the ultra mega hit “Dynamite” MTV which at the time of this post as 1.68 billion views on YouTube.

It features the scenes from the music video which includes the iconic Disco signage, the Donut shoppe and the ice cream truck.

As mentioned before, the main highlight are the minifigures which come with exclusive printed torsos and heads.

I was hoping for a bit more expressive heads but since they were designed for this set but they did keep RM’s dimple so I can’t complain too much.

There are also new colour variations for the hairpieces and I’m sure these will make it into circulation later.

There is also a brick built stage and it looks like you can have your LEGO BTS minifigure dance to boyband synchronisation as there are some gear mechanism in the base.

The set will have a recommended retail price of USD99.99 / €99.99 and will be available on March 1st at all LEGO Brand and Certified Stores

Honestly, this is a set for primarily for the minifigure versions of this generation’s most popular boyband and LEGO Ideas seems to like selecting boyband projects, maybe we might just get more music inspired sets in the future.

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