LEGO Indiana Jones Brings Back The Nostalgia in 2023!

These sets were leaked to no end over the last week but I decided to hold off posting them as the images we still a bit blurry and well, Indiana Jones deserves better.

It is no secret that I’m a HUGE Indiana Jones fan and these upcoming sets, albeit expensive, is a welcome return of the franchise as I had missed out on them when Indy’s last adventure was still in the theatres.

Temple of the Golden Idol (77015) – 1545pcs – USD/€149.99

Minifigures:  Indiana Jones, Satipo, Belloq, Hovitos Warrior

Escape from the Lost Tomb (77013) – 600pcs – USD/€ 39.99

Minifigures: Indiana Jones, Marion Ravenwood, Sallah, Mummy

Fighter Plane Chase (77012) – 387pcs – USD/€ 39.99

Minifigures: Indiana Jones, Professor Henry Jones, Fighter Pilot

These sets will be available starting from April 1st at all LEGO Brand and Certified Stores.

My only gripe of this range is that the Fighter Plane Chase (77012) should have come with a flock of seagull animal figures.

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