LEGO Star Wars UCS X-wing Starfighter 75355 Officially Returns

In era of remakes, reboots and reissues, LEGO joins the other multi-national companies and serves up yet another rethread of a classic Star Wars vehicle.

The LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Series X-Wing (75355) is the third iteration of Incomm’s most iconic starfighter in the UCS family.

To be honest, I’m not terribly excited about this set as we have seen LEGO release countless X-wing models of both minifigure and Ultimate Collector’s Series scales for the past decade.

I guess it is great for those who didn’t have a chance to purchase the previous version that was released a good ten years ago.

Apart from some element updates, it looks and feels rather similar. On top of that, they still haven’t fixed the scale of R2-D2 in the latest offering.

The model measures 55cm / 21.5” from nose cone to engine and has a wingspan of 44cm / 17.5” which is very similar to the other two models. 

It will have a recommended retail price of €/$239.99/ £209.99/ 369.99 AUD/319.99 CAD and will have a street date of May 1st for LEGO VIPs and then on May 4th for the public. 

I’d be over the moon if LEGO finally decides to produce a midi-scale X-Wing or perhaps a different vehicle for the UCS line as I’m getting a little bit tired of having the same starships being rehashed with marginal improvements.

Product details:

LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series X-wing Starfighter building set (75355)

Price: €/$239.99/ £209.99/ 369.99 AUD/319.99 CAD


Length: 55cm / 21.5”

Height: 27cm / 10.5”

Width: 44cm / 17.5”

Availability: 1st May for LEGO VIPs and 4th May for everyone, from or LEGO Stores

LEGO Star Wars Brickheadz Battle of Endor building set (40623) 

Price: £39.99/€39.99/$$39.99/69.99 AUD/49.99 CAD

Availability: 1st May for LEGO VIPs and 4th May for everyone, from or LEGO Stores 

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