LEGO Up-Scaled LEGO Minifigure 40649 Official Images!

It was only a matter of time before LEGO released an up-scaled minifigure to the general public after the launch of the LEGO® House Exclusive – A Minifigure Tribute.

The Up-Scaled LEGO Minifigure set is poised to be hugely popular in the modding community, especially those who have always wanted an upsized minifigure that they can customise to their heart’s content.

The built up figure stands at 27.4cm and has movable arms, legs and head. Even the hat pops open to reveal a little LEGO minifigure piloting this mech of a maxi-figure.

Of all the LEGO Lifestyle products that have been announced recently, this would be the one I’m most excited for as this is something that I would love to have.


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A friend of mine even helped me make an up-scaled minifigure out of paper previously which I have brought around to events.

The set will be released on June 1st and will have a recommended retail price of US$49.99  /  £44.99 / €49,99 / CAD$64.99.


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