LEGO Disney Castle 43222 Full Reveal!

It is Disney’s 100th anniversary and the house of mouse has teamed up with Denmark’s greatest export to bring us a slew of products throughout the year.

We posted a preliminary image of the box art a couple of days ago and just like clockwork, LEGO has decided to officially announce the LEGO Disney Castle 43222.

It should come as no surprise that Disney would want another large scale castle to commemorate the House of Mouse’s 100th birthday and this one is an updated take on the original LEGO Disney Castle 71040 that was released in 2016.

The castle design is very similar to it’s predecessor save for a handful of new elements along with a  current colour palette and a bunch of exclusive minifigures.

it stands at 80cm tall which is about 6cm taller than the 2016 model.

The interiors is peppered with easter eggs that reference fourteen different Disney classics like Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and Steamboat Willie just to name a few.

There are eight minifigures in total with some are making their debut in proper minifigure form. (some of them appeared as mini-doll versions of the characters)


The Disney castle reboot will consist of 4837pcs and will sport a recommended retail price of :  £344.99/ €399.99 / $399.99 / 3299.0 CNY / 519.99 CAD / 599.99 AUD.

It is slated for a July 1st launch for LEGO VIP members and July 4th for the public but do check with your nearest LEGO store as there have been some stock shortage lately.

While I’m totally understanding a need for a large scale tentpole set for the 100th anniversary but couldn’t they (LEGO + Disney) picked another castle to feature instead of rehashing Cinderella’s fortress again?

There are so many other Disney princess’s in their repertoire to choose a castle from.



21st June 2023: The LEGO Group today revealed an all-new LEGO | Disney Castle set, to celebrate 100 Years of Disney. The new 4,837-piece set is a celebration of the playful joy and creativity that the LEGO Group and Disney have inspired in families around the world over the past 24 years. Since the first LEGO | Winnie the Pooh set was unveiled in 1999 to the hidden time capsule in the new LEGO | Disney Castle, the two brands have helped fans share the wonder of Disney storytelling by inspiring children, and adults, to reimagine fan-favourite moments through LEGO play.

The new LEGO | Disney Castle set is a homage to the iconic castle at the beginning of all Disney movies. The 4,837-piece features not only the castle building, but also references from 14 classic Disney films over the last 100 years, such as Steamboat Willie and Snow White (the first Disney Princess) to The Princess and the Frog, and Moana.

The set comes complete with eight minifigures, representing some of the Disney Princess characters and their male counterparts. Inside the castle are various rooms including a kitchen and dining room, a ballroom and bedroom.  Each room has references to Disney films and characters, and there is even a secret turret for fans to discover a Disney time capsule with references to the 100-year history. Outside, the castle is decorated with fireworks.

Talking about her role as the Creative Design Lead for LEGO | Disney, Benedikte Stamp said, “Over the last century, Disney has created some of the world’s greatest stories which are loved by generation after generation. Just like these stories, LEGO play transcends age, language, culture and interests to inspire millions of children to build and create anything they can image. As a designer, it’s my role to bring together the magic of the two brands and give fans of all ages the chance to celebrate their love for Disney stories through building.”

The new LEGO | Disney Castle set will be available globally via LEGO Stores and at for LEGO VIPs from 1st July 2023, and for all from 4th July 2023 at the recommended retail price of $399.99 / €399.99 / £344.99.  During 1st to 9th July anyone who purchases select LEGO | Disney sets over £95/$/€100 in LEGO Stores or will also receive the LEGO | Disney 100 Years Celebration set for free, which features a podium, a movie screen, projector (which lights up), a desk and a Mickey Mouse minifigure.

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