LEGO Marvel Avengers Tower 76269 Official Announcement!

With LEGO Icons churning out essentially what is purchasable MOCs (My Own Creations), it was only a matter of time till we got the definitive Avengers Towers set!

Standing at a towering 90cm, the LEGO Marvel Avengers Tower 76269 is by far the tallest as well as the largest LEGO Marvel set to date!

Many a LEGO Marvel fan have MOC-ed this and LEGO is now allowing us non-builders to feel like to own one of these creations.


The Avengers Tower has been released before in smaller variations but this is the one with the biggest roster of minifigures with a tally of thirty one!

While the majority of the minifigures have been released before, there are a couple of notable exceptions in the form of Alexander Pierce and Marvel Studios head honcho, Kevin Feige.

No doubt these will cost quite a penny individually when the set is released.

The Avengers Tower also acts as a tribute to the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with vignettes depicting some of the notable scenes related to the building.

“Puny God”

“That is America’s ass”

The dimensions of the LEGO Avengers Tower stands at height of 90 cm, depth of 25cm, and width of 34 cm.

The recommended retail price for this towering monstrosity is USD$499.99 / £429.99 / €499.99 / 759.99 AUD / 4299 CNY / 669.99 CAD

This will be available at all LEGO Brand and Certified Stores around the globe on the 24th of November 2023.

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