13 Totally Spooky Halloween LEGO Builds

Halloween is finally upon us and what better way to celebrate the day with a selection of spooky Halloween LEGO builds that the interwebs have to offer?

I’ve compiled some of 2016’s most innovative Halloween themed LEGO builds that I’ve come across or that AFOLs have sent me and there are just so many!

  • LEGO Halloween Witch by Alanboar Creations

    The LEGO Halloween Witch by Alanboar Cheung

    Pumpkins and broomsticks

    She may not look creepy but she definitely does look like she would be up to all sorts of mischief come all hallow’s eve. I love the form and structure of the figure and the cat at the tip of the broom stick is just too adorable.

  • Minions of Horror by Eugene Tan

    Icons of Horror Minions by Eugene Tan

    Icons of Horror Minions

    Eugene is well known for his LEGO Minion sculptures and this year he has decided to turn his attention to the icons of Horror. It is just too cool to see Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Pinhead transformed into cute little Minions.

  • Black Widow Spider by Jarrod Suarez

    Black Widow Spider by Jarrod Suarez

    Spiders, why does it have to be spiders

    This is not particularly ‘Halloween’ themed but it is definitely creepy! I’m not a big fan of the creepy crawlies and this build is so realistic that is it hard for my mind to think otherwise.

  • Wicked Witch Lair by 子婷

    Wicked Witch Lair by 子婷

    Something wicked this way comes

    A lovely vignette depicting our favourite wicked witch of the west brewing up some halloween mischief. It is packed full of details like the dracula micro figure and Cheshire Cat popping out from the ceiling.

  • Nightmare before Christmas by Bob Chai

    The Nightmare Before Christmas by Bob Chai

    “For it is plain as anyone can see, we’re simply meant to be.

    The classic characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas is brought to life in these wonderful brick built versions of Jack Skellington, Sally and Zero. The use of the LEGO string for Jack’s mouth and the tail element for Sally’s scar is spot on.

  • Misery by Matt Forrest

    Its hammer time! by Matt Forrest

    Its hammer time! 

    This scene above comes from one of the most iconic ‘horror’ movie scenes. It involves one Kathy Bates playing an overzealous fan who captures a famous writer to finish his latest book the way she wants it and breaks his legs when he tries to escape. Ouch!

  • LEGO Halloween Organizer by Johnnie Brick Xavier

    johnnie-brick-xavier haunted desk organizer

    This desk needs a little haunting

    On top of being a creepy haunted house, this awesome MOC also serves as a desk organizer for your sketchbook and pens and even has a space for a calendar! The back of the house opens up to reveal full interiors to play with as well. Ingenious.

  • Day of the Dead by Héctor Domínguez‎

    Día de Muertos by Hector Dominguez

    Día de Muertos by Hector Dominguez

    “Día de Muertos” is the Mexican celebration of the dead which is observed throughout Mexico. This lovely brick built character is a tribute to the different characters you’d encounter during the Day of the Dead parades.

  • The Pumpkin King by Hsinwei Chi

    I am the pumpkin king

    I am the pumpkin king!

    This brick built version of The pumpkin King is depicted here in all his fiery splendour. Great use of the trans orange chain to give him that bit of bling that he needs.

  • Tales from the Crypt Pop-Up Book by JK Bricksworks

    Tales from the crypt book

    Stay a while and listen…

    This has to be one of the most ingenious builds I’ve ever come across. It looks like a normal brick book on the outside but open its’ covers and a diorama forms right before your eyes! An amazing piece of engineering.

  • Sakado VS Kayako by Eric T

    Sadako vs kayako

    Round one FIGHT!

    Inspired by Asia latest horror pairing, the movie wasn’t that great but this MOC has the creep factor cranked up to infinity with Sadako (The Ring) coming out of the telly and Kayako (The Grudge) crawling down the stairs backwards. *shiver*

  • Angry Birds Halloween by James Zhan

    angry birds james zhan

    Bombs away!

    These birds look like they mean business as they perch themselves on what I would believe to be an exploding pumpkin bomb. I love how their expressions are captured so perfectly.

  • Halloween Lovers by Jerome Valliant

    Halloween lovers jerome-vaillant

    Dance with me under the pale moonlight?

    A cute little 16×16 vignette showcasing the new Spooky boy from CMF series 16 celebrating Halloween with Spooky Girl from CMF series 12. I love how the facade of the house looks so derelict.

Side Mention: Jack Skellington’s House by AsheWonka84

Jack Skellington's House from The Nightmare before Christmas

Jack Skellington’s House from The Nightmare before Christmas

As some of you know, I’m a big fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas and I would love to see this LEGO Ideas Project become a set even if it just for the minifigures!

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