Fall In Love With This Autumn Tree


Fall In Love With Autumn

Autumn Tree by Jonas Kramm

This is a simple and yet striking build by Jonas Kramm. With just three main colours of Dark Orange, Black and Olive Green, this build stands out against many other LEGO trees I’ve seen. The use of dark orange against the black makes it visually arresting.

To create the autumn look and feel, he used the dark orange tree leaves instead of the usual green. I personally feel that this helps to represent the season of fall /autumn.

Plant Leaves 6 x 5

Plant Leaves 6 x 5 (2471)

Using the 6 x 5 plant leaves element also gives the appearance of the leaves withering and that the tree will soon be bare for winter. Amidst the leaves are a few 1×1 round medium dark flesh tiles added which gives a great effect as it blends in with the orange.

To create the branches, he used the bar holders with clip (Part ID 6015891 | Design ID 11090) and the new bar holder with handle (Part ID 6143318 | 23443) were used for the trunk. They are connected to each other through pneumatic T-pieces. 


6015892: Holder Ø3.2 W/Tube Ø3.2 Hole ©Brickset

6143318: 3.2 Shaft W/3.2 Hole ©Brickset

6143318: 3.2 Shaft W/3.2 Hole ©Brickset

Since the element is new and only comes in black, it was probably an artistic choice to keep the entire tree trunk and branches in that colour instead of the brown that we would usually see. The clever use of the string to wrap around the trunk and branches makes the structure look more organic.

Hinge Control Stick Base with Yellow Lever

Hinge Control Stick Base with Yellow Lever ©Brickowl

At the bottom of the tree stands two little tiny mushrooms that is a really creative use of the base from the mini antennas. He plucked out the handle and stuck it through the base from the underside to create his “mushrooms”.

Instead of using grass or other leaves, a mini landscape is created using a mixture of elements such as cheese slopes and plates in olive green and tan that just blends in well with the tree itself.

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