Rumoured LEGO BrickHeadz for 2018!

Rumoured LEGO BrickHeadz back to the future

I did find it odd that the only BrickHeadz related news out of the New York Toy Fair was the LEGO Go Brick Me started kit but now Falconfan1414 from Eurobricks is reporting that we will be seeing more designs this year!

It looks like LEGO was pretty happy with the 2-pack packaging of Rey and Kylo last year so they will be releasing a few more in that format.41489b

Looks like LEGO will be dipping into their Back To The Future license for a Marty McFly and Doc Brown BrickHeadz set that will retail for USD$20.

brickheadz marty mcfly and doc brown

LEGO BrickHeadz Marty McFly and Doc Brown by CM4Sci (*Not Actual Product)

Along with this there will also be a Batman / Superman pack from Justice League and another one from Minecraft containing Steve and a Creeper.

This adds even more designs to the ones that were teased at the New York Comic Con last year.

I’m a huge BTTF fan so this is something that I’m looking forward to!

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