This Massive LEGO Fullerton Hotel was constructed with 470,000 LEGO Bricks!

Fullerton building LEGO

In celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Fullerton Building, they have commissioned a scaled replica of the structure made completely out of LEGO bricks!

It spans a whopping 3.35m in length, stands 1.1m tall and has a depth of 1.75m. The entire model took 478,500 LEGO bricks to construct which means that this is actually one of the largest unassisted LEGO sculptures in the whole of Singapore.

Fullerton Building LEGO 05

The bricks alone weight almost half a tonne and it took the builders almost 200 man hours to complete the entire model.

Fullerton Building LEGO 02

This building has a significant place in Singapore’s history. It was the premises for Singapore first general post office and during world war II, the building was the headquarters of the Japanese Military Administration Department.

Fullerton Building LEGO 04

It now houses the Fullerton Hotel after a 400 million dollars restoration project that took two years to complete.

Fullerton Building LEGO 06

This is an amazing LEGO model which captures the finer details of what makes the Fullerton Building so iconic.

Fullerton Building LEGO 07

This is a permanent fixture for the Fullerton Hotel and can be found at the North entrance, just behind the elevators.

As a LEGO fan, I would be very interested to know who are the master builders behind this lovely sculpture as the artists names were not listed on the placard.

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