I Find These LEGO Xtra Brick Stickers (853921) Rather A-Peeling


It looks like the LEGO Xtras theme is venturing into adhesives with the LEGO Xtra Brick Stickers (853921).

This would be the first time that LEGO is offering a sticker pack that we can buy off the shelf to add to our LEGO dioramas.

lego-xtra-853921_bricksticker2 lego-xtra-853921_bricksticker3

The pack does come with a handful of elements like transparent panels, signage and tiles with clips on the end. The stickers included cover a range of establishments like Bakeries, Toy Stores, Pizza Joints, Gas Stations and even Grocers.


There is no information on the price but it should be priced similar to what we have now (ie. SGD$6.90).

While this is a great initiative, adhesives in Asia have been frowned upon as they tend to peel quite easily in our humid weather. lego-xtra-853921_bricksticker5

Although, I would be the first one to buy an Xtra Movie Poster Sticker pack if they ever made one.

(Via Promobricks)

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