Toys ‘R’ Us Exclusive LEGO Bricktober 2019 First Look!


One of the biggest questions after the closure of the Toys ‘R’ Us outlets in both the United States and United Kingdom was if the other remaining franchisees around the world would still continue the immensely popular Bricktober promotions.

It is with great relief to report that it is very much alive and will be launched in Hong Kong Toys ‘R’ Us outlets on the 24th of September 2019.

Redemption period: September 24th to 30th September


Redemption Period: October 1st to October 7th


Redemption period: October 8th to October 21st


Redemption period: October 22nd to October 28th


The bases are able to be joined together so you will be able to attach them in a series. I really do hope that the 2×2 tile with the LEGO logo is printed and not a sticker.

The redemption details have not be revealed yet but it should be around SGD$88 like the previous Bricktober last year.

(Via Dylanchow)

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