LEGO Brand Stores Are Implementing Pick-A-Brick Service!

In a bid to reinstate some services that were halted due to the Covid-19 pandemic, LEGO Brand Stores in the United States have reinstated the Pick-A-Brick (PAB) wall with one major caveat.

There have been reports by AFOLs across the United States that their local LEGO Brand Stores have introduced a PAB ‘menu’ of sorts where you can select which elements and what amount you want to add to your tub.

©Melanie McCellan; Concord Mills, North Carolina

Granted that some of us take pride in maximising the space in said tub, at least this one work-around that allows us to buy bricks by the bulk again.

©Andrew Mansbach; Harwood Mall, South Carolina

Hopefully this could be implemented in other affected countries as I’m sure a lot of our own projects are stalled by the closure of the LEGO Stores and Pick-A-Brick walls.

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